<u>General Overview</u>

<u>Westwhirl Village</u>

·         On the western coast of Erastir.

·         Bustling fishing town that provides food for most of the peninsula.

·         Generally uninvolved in politics. 

<u>The Krastor Empire</u>

·         Majority wealth and population on the peninsula.

·         Oppressive taxes on lower class for the last ~100 years.

·         Surrounded by mining towns that harvest precious gems and metals.

·         Originally based out of Krastor City, but moves capital to Balorine Peak.

·         Created slave labor force to mine.

<u>The Oredar Resistance</u>

·         Formed of village alliances against The Krastor Empire.

·         Capital in Elendel Village, north of Krastor City.

·         Formed The Erasitr Liberation Army

·         Demand 100% material and physical devotion to the cause through ‘donations’ and service to TELA, but because people believe in the cause there is grumbles but few dissenters.


·         Barathorn is deadly and impregnable forest that lies between Elendel and Krastor, it is rumored to be home to many beasts controlled by were-clan (as in werewolf but other animal types too.)

There is a group in Erastir. None is known of their motives, little of their members, and less of how to find them. If you can contact them they may do as you ask for a price, but that price is just as likely to be a favor as it is money. The group is referred to as The Left Hand Path.

  • It rains mud sometimes.






                Erastir is the world. The peninsula is called Oredar. There is not a large population in Oredar because of a low surplus of food, the dangers of being out at night, and general sanitation issues. Most population is based in Westwhril, Krastor, Elendel, and Balorine although another 30-40% of the population in small villages that fish, farm, or mine. Oredar is home to the organization referred to as The Left Hand Path. It is unknown whether this is a mercenary group, a political organization, or something in between, but it is clear that they are responsible for events greatly effecting large and small scale groups. It is not known how to contact the group; some try asking in the blackmarket, others leave notes in obvious places, and others believe it to be impossible.

                Oredar also houses the bizarre. The Barathon is a forest said to be controlled by werebeasts, but no matter is in the forest, it is most certainly dangerous. The cause has been lost to history, but Oredar periodically rains mud- this has pushed food to based on fish, as crops are challenging to keep alive. Finally, the night is simply deadly. Some survive being outside a wall at night, but those who wander beyond their borders are unlikely to return. Because of these incomprehensible elements, religion is very important in Oredar. One and all pray for safety, and those who do not are ostracized and thrown out of their village or town.

                All races and classes exist and co-mingle in Erastir. Life is pretty rough, so anything that can help is appreciated. There is no discrimination based on race or class, just wealth. Although individual villages may have specific supersitions against gnomes or rangers etc. Religion is slightly different. People of wildly opposing religions will avoid each other due to the belief that their God will bring them bad luck etc for being with that person, but most folks don’t promote their God beyond an amulet or prayer.


                Situated on the western coast of Erastir, Westwhirl Village is an outdated name. What used to be a small fishing village has become a town in its own right. Fishing and trade booms here. Westwhirl is ruled by the merchant guild, made up of representatives from all trade groups although the fishing organization has a stronger representation. The rule of Westwhirl celebrates commerce, and the laws reflect that. Of course there are general laws against murder, theft, and the like, but beyond laws such as those, the ‘village’ has an anything goes mentality. Any kind of person, any kind of trade, any kind of politics- if it makes money, and doesn’t make enemies, it is good. Of course, as the village is run by the Merchant Council, individuals are ruled by their guild’s laws, and trade between the village and the outside world is controlled by the council.

<u>The Krastor Empire</u>

                Based in the southern part of the peninsula, The Krastor Empire is a rich nation, and it is getting richer. The south of Erastir houses both precious metals as well as base metals (iron etc). This enabled the empire to be inherently wealthy as well as naturally good at war. The empire has never been equal; great amounts of stratification exist within the empire with the wealthy reaping huge amounts of wealth out of the ground and the poor doing the mining. This has caused two cultures to exist within the cities and towns. The empire is ruled by Emperor Cem, Cem is known for his lack of care for the poor and how much he has increased the power of his empire. The Krastor Empire has five noble families, a Great Noble Family in each city, and two lesser families. The three families who originally founded Krastor hold the greatest power; House Opturn is the economic power of Krastor City, House Dietrich is the economic power of Balorine, and House Cem was made the political power of the empire.

                The city of Krastor is the original seat of power for the empire. With its high granite walls, and slate roofed houses, Krastor is very easy to spot. Within Krastor there is a large section that holds the noble homes, large estate with gardens and elegance, a commerce district with a rich and poor section-indeed, all sections of Krastor have wealth segregrations-, a worship district that also holds the governmental offices, and a low wealth residential area. Outside the walls lie farms and forests. Krastor been home to the emperor up until the move to Balorine, and with his evacuation, the new councilor has moved into the palace. This councilor, Titor Jon(Tight-er), has brought a more hopeful tone to the city by reducing taxes, and creating sanitation works in the poor areas of the city. Because of this, the people of Krastor have come to support Titor over the other noblemen of the city.

                Balorine is a mountain, city, and mine. The largest iron mine in Erastir, Balorine has always been important to the empire, but with the advent of a real resistance, the empire’s seat of power was moved to protect its greatest asset. Also with the advent of the resistance was the start of Krastor’s slavery. In order to work the mines as well as possible, the Balorine mine is now worked by slaves who are overseen by the old mine workers that are in turn reporting to Krastor Nobelmen. Moving the capital to Balorine greatly increased the power of the Optum noble family that has always run the mine. Balorine is built into and on top of the mountain- the lower areas hold the poor, and the new and magnificent palace sits on top.

<u>The Oredar Resistance</u>

            The Oredar Resistance was formed in response to the cruelty of the Krastor Empire. It is an alliance of villages north of Barathon that has set a capital in Elendel Village. The resistance is run by a coalition of village leader as well as a number of influential others; the resistance is run like an army. This means that there is little choice beyond joining the resistance or not, as those who do not follow the order of their commander is forced to obey. This extends from contributing all funds and possessions, to training and fighting where commanded. The resistance has vowed to destroy The Krastor Empire and give the poor a better life. The war between the empire and the resistance has been relatively even, but that favors the resistance. With the Barathon serving an effective barrier, the resistance can make small attacks on the empire without threat of a large force attacking their heart. While life under the resistance is not pleasant or easy, its people believe in a better life. However, the resistance supplanted the quiet life of the local villages, so while the Krastor refuges are totally invested in the resistance, many long time locals find TELA to be an organization run by foolhardy people whom are butting into the lives of ordinary people.

                The face of Resistance is the commander of The Erastir Liberation Army, Joust “Strawhat” Leon. Strawhat is known by his namesake hat that he wears even in battle. Once a farmer, Joust wants everyone to know that he is a simple man. Strawhat looks simple, but he has proven himself to be a military genius.


<u>Chris’ Campaign Start </u>

Each of us begins our campaign not knowing each other and coming from all backgrounds and ways of life. The only thing that brought us together was the fact that, for all different reasons, we were imprisoned and later enslaved as miners in the Balonire. But as security became laxed as common opinion was that the fortress was impenetrable, we came up with a plot to mine our way out. We grew close over the last 6 months of enslavement, and when we had our chances we would slowly work on a sub-tunnel that eventually exited out to the east of the fortress near the coast of the Gulf of Lanodein. What will we do now that we have escaped? We could sail away, do less than legal work of our own to stay alive (because we arewanted men), we could join the Resistance and equip them with our knowledge of the Balonshire tunnel system (before they upped their security after 4 prisoners escaped), or we could kill ourselves and end the misery that we have endured by wandering aimlessly into the Forest of Barathorn. No one has ever walked in there and came out alive.

<u>Matt’s Campaign Starts</u>

  • You are a noble from Balonire, but life has been tough since the capital was moved. This may be because of family, money, or otherwise, but life sucks. However, by leaving you endanger your name as well as your family, so you stage an escape of some miners and pretend you were kidnapped.
  • You are a member of the resistance. You have been working on a crazy idea for months of mining into the mine from the outside in order to steal from Balonire. Little did you know that you were building an escape tunnel.
  • You are someone, who for any reason, is outside, or inside, the mountain where the others dig out.

DM’s Note: While this setting obviously lends itself to picking sides in the large conflict (and that is what I am currently most ready for), Erastir is a complex world that has much beyond this war. Conflicts, adventures, and everything in between can be found here beyond the small temporal and spatial scale described above. Of course, letting me know the direction, which your character or party wish to go allows us all to have explore deeper elements of Erastir.;oe=58F615CF




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